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EuroBoutique Hotel and Chumphon Province

EuroBoutique Hotel

Located 73/3 Krommaluang road ,Thatapao , Muang district , Chumphon , Thailand 86000
Down town chumphon
( Krommaluang road is a night market. )

EuroBoutique Hotel
is just 300 meters away from Ocean shopping mall and only 8 minutes walk from train station.
 It offers cosy accommodation. Free Wi-Fi is available in the entire hotel.

EuroBoutique Hotel

Full option facilities
Wireless Internet , Air-Conditioner ,
Flat screen cable 32" LED TV ,
Refrigerator , Hot shower ,
Healthy Pillow and Beding ,  
Wake-up call system ,
Smoke detector.


Look back Koh Tao

   20-25 years ago, many backpackers from Europe, visited Koh Tao because of the accommodation was very cheap , they could survive on coconut and fish from the sea. Even though Koh Tao is located in Suratthani Province,but Koh Tao is closer Chumphon more than Suratthani Province , a lot of tourists travelled from Bangkok to Koh Tao via Chumphon. Many tourists required an overnight accommodation in Chumphon before leaving to Koh Tao.

As a very proud of Chumphon , we wanted to showcase Chumphon’s hidden beauty such as its beautiful beaches, islands, waterfalls and tropical fruit gardens. In order to fulfill our dream of promoting Chumphon as tourist destination in its own right, we decided to provide affordable accommodation for tourists. The Chumphon Guest House was opened 20 years ago at the same location . We are now very pleased to invite you all to stay at our modern,yet affordable accommodation, right in the middle of Chumphon.
Here is EuroBoutique Hotel/Suriyun Mayases.

What about Chumphon?

Chumphon is located in the south of thailand about 500 Ks from Bangkok to the south on Petkasem road.
there are about 222 Ks Coastline on Pacific Ocean. A lot of beutiful beaches and islands.
Chumphon is not so far from
Koh Tao , it is very famous attractions , nice under water world and very cheap for scuba diving beginner course , from Chumphon ,you just relax 1.40 Hrs on ferry before arrive Koh Tao

The high season for Chumphon’s sea begins from end of February till early September yearly. Besides a number of islands to tour, this province is well known as all year long abundant land for fruit of the seasons as well as cheap seafood and economical accommodations.

Main Occupation.
- Fruit gardener , Orange , Papaya , Rambutan , Durion , Sara , Palm Oil , Coconut , Coffee , Pineapple , Rice Field , Rubber and so on.

- Tropical area , Temperature is about 20-30 degree celcius and have some rain , shower rain - heavy rain whole year.


Chumphon lslands
Koh Lang Ka Jiew is prominent because of its underwater beauty where travelers come for a skin diving. It is also recognized as the most abundant nature and the most beautiful island in Chumphon islands. The emerging limestone mountains, coconut gardens, and licensed to collect bird – nest are its charming characteristics.

If you look at map, Chumphon islands are at close proximity to main land. It also has a license for bird – nest. In the past, travelers enjoyed driving along the beach, just to admire the view. These days, travelers can drive by the beach and go on to visit nearby islands for a one day trip or a stay – overnight on the island.
Chumphon possesses natural diversity including mountains, forest, mangrove and sandy beaches. The beach is lining in parallel with the Gulf of Thailand, as 222 kilometers.


Chumphon Festival 

“Thailand Raptor Watch”

Around September-November every year have many types of Raptor emigrate to the south way. More than 2,000-4,000 km it's runaway from the cold to the warm weather and to find abuntdant sources.

  The time that cleary to watch the raptor is 8:00-11:00 am.it will fly nearly the land.


Chumphon Province and Tourism Authority of Thailand Present "Thailand Raptor watch" around September-November every year. For the juvenile and people in Thailand get education about the raptor. In this festival have many activities to do such as Count the emigrate raptor, the raptor display, etc. Let's join us !

Location: Thung Kha Bay, 22 – kilometer away from downtown Chumphon
Chumphon island National Park has an area of 317 square kilometer, covering Amphur Muang, Amphur Sawee, Amphur Thung Takoe, Amphur Lang Suan and islands including Koh Thong Lang, Koh Lang ka Jiew and Koh Mattra.

The viewpoint at Khao Plong Plang
Location: Khao Plong Plang, 1 – kilometer away from the national park office.
Travelers can drive up there on the road to the national park loges. On top of Khao Plong Plang is the most beautiful viewpoint in Chumphon. Up there, travelers will enjoy the sight of the emerald sea, island and Thung Makham Noi Bay Beaches. Near the viewpoint is the national park lodges. Travelers can contact the national park for reservation.

  contact Chumphon islands National Park at 0 7755 1844 or at www.dnp.co.th


Location: Tambon Sairee Beach, 10 – kilometer away from Paradornparb Beach
How to Get There: Travelers can hire a long – tailed boat to visit Koh Mattra
Koh Mattra is one of the shallow water corals and beautiful anemone. If is different from other islands is that it is a breeding center for giant clams. Travelers can enjoy diving as well as resting on the island. Lodgings are available ass tents for camping and wooden bungalows for relaxing.


The most beautiful beach in Chumphon it offers the white – fine sand, broad area, it also offer resorts, restaurants, beer – bars . It is the most popular and pleasurable beach in Chumphon.
Its level is agreeable to swimming and beach spots. In the early morning, travelers can spot the sight of foreigners exercising on the beach, while enjoying the spectacular sunrise. At south . The rocks forming a beautiful curve, sponge, anemone and various fish are delightful for diving.

Sairee Beach
Sairee Beach is located at Muang District ,17 Ks from downtown Chumphon , also there are former Royal Chumphon Ship, the largest torpedo ship that the Royal Navy granted Chumphon province.
Sairee Beach is one of the popular beaches that travelers enjoy picnicking , walking , swimming in the clear water, and appreciating the view of coconut trees.   

Prince of Chumphon Shrine

            Prince of Chumphon is the 28th son of the King Rama 5 of Thailand. He is a father of Thai Naval. He went to learned about Naval at England for 6 years and cameback to thailand in 1900. Tt is nearby Sairee Beach.

Rafting-Amphur Pha Toe.
Rafting here is a conservative activity rather than an adventurous activity. With a few rocks, sinuous stream, abundant rainy forest, it is prefect for travelers who wish to enjoy the sight of nature. The rafts will pass through fruit plantation . Bamboo rafting is available for anyone. It takes 3 hours for a 4 - kilometer rafting. The prefect season is late rainy season and beginning of winter. It is also available in summer, although the water level is low.

Location: Kuan Mae Yai Mon Wilderness Conservation Area, Ban Bok Fai, 22 Ks away from downtown Amphur Pha Toe.
It is a large 2 storey waterfall. Travelers can walk from a parking lot to the second floor of waterfall easily. The stream will fall through the 40 meters cliff to a receiving pool. The stream is finally flowing to unite with Pha Toe River. It is accessible all year – round. Rafting at Pha Toe canal and Hin Bok Fai Cataract is a program that come with Haew Loem Waterfall.

Khao Chao Muang is a 1 kilometer behind Sairee Beach. On top is the most stunning viewpoint where there is a wooden pavilion and a park for resting after a 30 minutes walk. Travelers can appreciate the varying beach trees on the way and the islands scene especially the nearest Koh Ma Prao and Sairee Beach stretching far below.

Homestay at Koh Pitak
The island has been changed into on of the national homestay islands. Many travelers visit Chumphon and fall in love with Koh Pitak . Let’s experience the fishermen charms from the personal contacts, smiling faces and simple way of life. Many may wish to be islanders for long.
Almost travelers take a package tour for 2 days 1 night or more with various activities
with seafood meals and many activities on the island.

Madsee hill
Madsee Hill is located in Muang Chumphon about 12 Ks from downtown Chumphon. At here you can see for . You can see 360 degree view ,the beautiful sea , island and Paknam city . In the early morning or in the the evening, it’s very beautiful places with the sunrise and sunset.
And then we are going to Guan-im Goddess to pray or wish something you want. She is the Goddess Chinese Buddhism.

Phadang Batik

            Phadang Batik is the small business to make beautiful batik for sale as a souvenir. Identity of batik is colourful shades and drawing are explain about abudance in Southern of Thailand. Almost drawing is the sea because the Soutern of Thailand is have a lot of beautiful beach.

Rub Roa cave
Rab Roa cave Temple (Thep Cha Roen Temple) is located at Thakam sub district, Thasae, Chumphon. It’s have 8 caves on the hill. It’s have a cryptic writing puzzle 2 positions. First one is in the Aete cave and the other one is in the next cave. It’s have Buddha statue called Manwichai posture.
History is explain about this temple is made up around 5 A.D. by The India’s king. He navigated to propagate Buddhism around the world. He arrived here and saw beautiful caves. Therefore he ordered to make Buddha statue at here.
Now, Rub Roa cave is very famous in Chumphon. Because it’s so beautiful with the natural.

73/3 Krommaluang Road /
Thatapoa Sub-district/

Muang District/
Chumphon province /86000